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New York DV Show Caters to DV Professionals

The New York DV Show will be one of the largest expositions in the United States devoted solely to the Digital Video industry, according to cosponsors Mindshare Ventures and Future Media Concepts Inc. To be held Feb. 10-14 at the New Yorker Hotel and The Manhattan Center in New York City, it will host 70 exhibitors, 170 technical sessions and five conferences, and nearly 6,000 people are expected to attend.

The show's coorganizers, say that one of the main attractions will be the group of DV-veteran keynote speakers. Ethan Hawke and Gary Winick, director and producer of the independent film "Chelsea Walls," will present a case study on the creation of the film, which was shot entirely in DV on a budget of $150,000. The presentation will emphasize the growing impact of digital video on film and television broadcast. Cinematographer Richard Rutkowki and production designer Rick Butler will also contribute to the presentation.

Film editor Thelma Schoonmaker, who has worked extensively with Martin Scorsese, will speak about how good editing contributes to the final cut of a film, and will illustrate this by using clips from her films to show how she improves on raw footage to create what goes on the screen.

Other special presentations will include:

* Opening remarks and a keynote speech from Randy Balsmeyer, a creative director who works in designing title sequences and visual effects and has collaborated with Spike Lee and the Coen Brothers;
* A special presentation, "Audio Is 70% of What Your Audience Sees," from Douglas Spotted Eagle, a Grammy Award-winning pioneer in the streaming media and audio field;
* The "Apple Visionary Keynote: The Digital Hub for Pros" from Mike Evangelist, the director of product marketing for professional applications at Apple Computer;
* "Enabling the Third Generation of Streaming and Digital Media" with Kurt Hunter, director of DMD's Tools group.

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