New MD for LipSync Post

LipSync Post has announced that Alasdair MacCuish has been promoted to the position of Managing Director following five years as Head of Digital Film at the company.

Jon Diamond, Managing Director of The LipSync Group, said, "I am confident that Alasdair will bring a lot to this role. He has plenty of ideas and enthusiasm to contribute to our future, and help make the services we offer even better in terms of technical excellence and customer service."

MacCuish joined LipSync Post following roles at Framestore, Cinesite and MPC. He has worked on a variety of movies, from the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises to Sweeney Todd, The Descent and the current British hit release How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. He has also Executive Produced several films for LipSync Productions, the company's production arm, including the Toronto Film Festival hit Skin, and 1234 which will debut at the London Film Festival. He is a member of BAFTA and the BKSTS.