New Imagine Communications ADC Flex Enables Remote Broadcast Chain Control

Imagine Communications
(Image credit: Imagine Communications)

DENVER—Imagine Communications has enhanced ADC playout automation with the ADC Flex remote-ready control solution that enables media companies to access and control their broadcast chain from anywhere, the company announced today.

ADC Flex enhances media workflows, makes operations more efficient and supports new operational models, including hub-and-spoke deployments and unified broadcast operations from a broadcast center, the company said.

An intuitive, flexible solution, ADC Flex enables media companies to use existing infrastructure and minimize operational training to reduce total cost of ownership. It can be added to existing ADC deployments or used as the basis for new facilities and new channel launches, it said.

With ADC Flex, operators monitor and control channels, schedule content ingest and manage content from anywhere via internet access. With an HTML5 web user interface, ADC Flex is tailored to broadcasters’ specific operational needs. It offers an identical look and feel whether the operator is in the machine room, at a remote location or working from home. All that is needed to communicate is a secure data connection, the company said.

“Customers today want highly resilient playout control that is intuitive, fast, configurable and reliable,” said Andy Warman, senior VP playout at Imagine Communications. “ADC Flex provides that flexibility and agility, whether it is for an existing system or at a new ADC installation.”

“The user interface features a thoroughly modern look and feel that is easy to use and easy to customize," he continued. "It allows media companies to connect over their local network or over a secure internet connection ― without the need for any additional cumbersome hardware or interfaces.”

ADC automation can be tightly integrated with Imagine Communications’ Nexio video servers and Versio integrated playout platform and can provide an easy upgrade path as and when needed. ADC Flex leverages these capabilities and will adapt to changing technologies and workflow requirements, Imagine Communications said.

Screens can be customized to suit workflow requirements and user preferences. Permissions can be assigned to users and groups, and favorites can be assigned for commonly used layouts. Since ADC Flex is built using HTML5, ADC Flex can run on Windows, MacOS or Linux. Control panels and supervisory screens can also be created for tablets where mobility is required, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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