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PITTSBURGH: NEP Broadcasting launched its latest HD production truck the Supershooter 20, described by the company as “green.”

Compared with an older unit like say SS27 and SS28, George Hoover, chief technology officer of NEP said the new SS20 uses “composite materials in its mechanical construction, virtual monitor walls rather than CRTs, and newer lighter-weight equipment, such as the Calrec Sigma.

“What all this translates into is everything fits into one trailer within 80,000 pounds, unlike 27 and 28, which require a B-unit just top make weight. In other words, in older designs, it was all too heavy to fit in one truck. This eliminates the need for the B-unit, the fuel associated with the B-unit, and the power to run it on site.”

Hoover said the SS20 also sports Freon-free, high-efficiency HVAC units in the trailer.

SS20 will debut at College Baseball World Series for ESPN. This fall, the truck is scheduled for coverage of events ranging from PGA tourneys and the Summer X-Games to NBC’s coverage of Notre Dame Football. -- Deborah D. McAdams