NBC Universal And Miranda Sign Agreement For iControl Monitoring

Last month, Miranda signed an agreement with NBC Universal to provide support systems monitoring for NBCU’s broadcast facilities across the country, including transmission facilities, the core routing systems, control rooms, editing suites and new media operations. Miranda’s iControl will be used to monitor both Miranda and other third-party equipment, and will allow teams to identify the status of every key device in the system.

"One advantage of this approach is that the tools and efficiencies that we are creating with iControl can be utilized across all divisions of NBC Universal", says Larry Thaler, vice president of on-air and production technology at NBC. "iControl has the potential to make our operators and maintenance teams more efficient, allowing them to support a greater number of systems, and to support new business activities."

The iControl system will perform three core functions for NBCU: operations, monitoring and maintenance. The system is set up in NBC’s intake and dubbing facilities. Monitoring along the signal paths will be done with Miranda’s Densite telemetry probes.

For more information visit www.miranda.com.