NAB 2015: Wohler Launches iAM Monitoring Systems

LAS VEGAS—Wohler Technologies introduced the first of a range of new products in the company’s new iAM (intelligent Adaptable Monitoring) series of audio and video monitoring technologies.

the iAM-MADI. Each of the iAM Series signal monitors provides a monitoring and analysis toolset, as well as built-in networking features that support remote monitoring and are flexible enough to allow the systems to scale according to the user’s requirements.

Wohler will showcase the new iAM-MADI, a 1-RU multichannel monitor developed in close collaboration with Wohler’s partners in the mobile production sector. Initially available with either eight or 16 individual level controls—with audio inputs assigned to any of those—this new system allows the selection if inputs by muting inputs and outputs when necessary. Above each level control is a small display that indicates the label associated with a particular channel. This feature allows inputs to be slaved off of a MADI router, with all selected channels clearly identified for the operator.

All products in the iAM Series will feature a uniform control surface. Multiple iAM units can be networked, so operators can use stored templates to perform remote, single-setup configuration in one or more systems to suit a given show or production. With access to a Web-based interface for all units, operators also have remote monitoring capabilities on any connected device.

The iAM-MVAM is a multifunction confidence monitor, available either with four 4.3-inch displays or two 7-inch displays. It can handle inputs from multirate SDI, ASI, and IP interfaces, and decodes and displays MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals via Ethernet IP or BNC ASI inputs. It allows browsing of PAT, PMT, EIT, and NIT data tables for each selected stream. In addition to monitoring demodulated MPEG transport streams from any RF signal, the iAM-MVAM monitor also features dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and audio monitoring with on-screen level meters.

The iAM-MVAM monitor has a touch-screen interface, decoded HDMI and SDI video output, decoded XLR audio output, a faster processor, and 1 Gbps IP input with full multicast support. It combines MPEG decoding with Wohler sound. The speakers and amplifiers have been designed to put out loud and clear sound that can be heard in the noisiest of equipment rooms. Wohler took displays and measurements from its AMP2-16V A/V processing monitor to enhance the audio-monitoring function. Features such as audio bar indicators and loudness measurements are driven from multiple audio decoders including Dolby.