MyDTV Joins Pioneer Compass Program

(May 3, 2004) New Orleans, LA--MyDTV, a personal navigation systems company, has joined Pioneer's Compass developer support program. MyDTV will integrate its TV Agent into Pioneer's Passport program guide, which will alert viewers of programs and segments that are most appealing to them based on their viewing preferences.
By working with MyDTV's new content navigation technology, Pioneer's Passport program guide will now enable subscribers to enter their programming preferences enhanced with key words, search the vast array of available cable content and receive on-screen alerts in advance of the program or segment to be aired.
"We are very pleased to have MyDTV join our Compass program because we believe strongly that they have created a navigation system that plays an important new role in IPG navigation as it evolves into a more sophisticated tool," said Neil Jones, senior vice president, Pioneer Digital Technologies. "We look forward to creating a new navigation paradigm that will provide subscribers with an easier way to find programming they value."
Pioneer Digital Technologies