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MXF: Snell & Wilcox Explains It All For You in New MXF Explained DVD

"MXF Explained" is the title of a 75-minute DVD from Snell & Wilcox designed to answer questions from broadcast industry professionals on the new MXF file standard and the key role MXF will play in the forthcoming transition to open-standards, IT-based facilities. Available free of charge from Snell & Wilcox, the new DVD is hosted by MXF expert Bruce Devlin.

MXF (Material eXchange Format) is a major new building block standard for IT-based broadcast and post-production environments offering a unique combination of several essential key features. Functioning as a "file wrapper," and based on SMPTE standards agreed to by the broadcasting industry, MXF allows users to store, transport, and play back material originally created in any digital video file format in an industry-standard form that is independent from compression scheme, network protocol, or operating system. MXF additionally uses the AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) data model for applying metadata to video assets, allowing users to easily retrieve images and sounds from an automated database.

Presented by Bruce Devlin, vice president of technology at Snell & Wilcox and a contributing author of the MXF file format specifications, the new MXF Explained DVD provides an overview of how MXF works, explains how application specifications are used in MXF systems, surveys the products now available with MXF functionality, and demonstrates the free Snell & Wilcox MXF development tools now available over the Internet.

"The goal of the MXF Explained DVD is to improve the level of education and knowledge regarding MXF in our industry and to help broadcasters get a fuller understanding of why this open-standards file solution is such an important part of the transition we're now seeing to tapeless, IT-based, open-standards environments," Devlin said. "On the MXF forum hosted on the Snell & Wilcox Web site, we're seeing interest from every segment of the industry, including end users, government users, network users, vendors, film libraries, and more. All of them are coming to realize the crucial role that MXF will play in cost-effective, open-standards IT solutions that will help users avoid going down a proprietary technology cul-de-sac in this next great transition."

The MXF Explained DVD can be ordered for free from the Snell & Wilcox Web site at