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Mobile TV Local Search Start-up Geodelic Raises $3.5 Million

SANTA MONICA: Geodelic, a start-up that makes GPS-based search software for mobile devices, hit the daily double, scoring $3.5 million in funding and its first major carrier this week. The funding round was led by Clearstone Venture Partners, its incubator, and Shasta Ventures.

Geodelic also announced that T-Mobile tapped it to make a proprietary app for the carrier’s new 3G handset, the MyTouch, due out next month. The MyTouch is T-Mobile’s answer to the iPhone. It also uses Google’s Android operating system, developed for use in unused television broadcast spectrum. Geodelic’s application for MyTouch is called “Sherpa,” which learns a user’s search patterns and self-customizes over time.

Geodelic exhibited its software at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat last February in Palm Springs, Calif. A Geodelic-enabled handheld device orients via global positioning and searches for nearby businesses gleaned from Citysearch information categorized by type, i.e., restaurants, lodging, gas, stations, etc. – Deborah D. McAdams