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MLB Network Calls in Calrec Technology

HEBDEN BRIDGE, ENGLAND—The MLB Network recently added a new studio and control room to its Secaucus, N.J. headquarters to help with its live coverage of Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, after acquiring the NHL Network in October 2015. As part of the new additions, the MLB Network went with a second Calrec Apollo console and linked both to a new router core to create a Hydra2 network. The network also upgraded its original Apollo console to Calrec’s Concord processor.

A1 Mike Curry pilots the Apollo in MLB Network's new control room.

With the combination of the second Apollo console, router core, and Concord upgrade, Calrec says that the MLB Network can share resources through the Hydra2 system. The router core serves as the network’s hub for the Hydra2 network, providing control and access to networked audio resources. The Concord processor provides new features like the ability to put delay on a group, the ability to split stereo and surround pan features onto desk faders, and the addition of a ‘move from/move to’ function.

The new systems also provide a closer interface between the operator and the network that allow for quick adaptations to live changes.

Calrec Audio is a provider of digital consoles for audio mixing for on-air and live production.