Miranda’s new Kaleido-X16 multiviewer includes routing

Miranda Technologies has launched an ultra-quiet, 1RU multiviewer with 16 video inputs, two multiviewer outputs and an integrated 16 x 2 router.

The new Kaleido-X16 can be used with 3Gbps/HD/SD and analog video. It provides 3-D stereoscopic monitoring with signals that conform to SMPTE-372M or SMPTE-425M Level B.

The multiviewer can be installed next to the operators in small control rooms and mobile applications, although it can also be paired with routers to create a large combined multiviewer and routing system. The Kaleido-X16 offers integration with the NVISION router family and third-party routers, to allow expansion up to 1152 video inputs and 144 multiviewer outputs.

Using the company’s “Cluster Concept,” multiple multiviewers connected to a routing infrastructure can behave like a single multiviewer system from an operator’s perspective — with full layout flexibility and a small failure block. The entire system can offer control of the source assignments via on-screen mouse operation or by a router control panel.

The Kaleido-X16 multiviewer provides internal signal probing capabilities, including the display of closed captioning, WST (subtitling), XDS and Dolby metadata. It can also be integrated with Miranda’s XSupervise application for multichannel, automated signal monitoring and alarm management functions.