Media 100 Announces Largest 844/X Sale Ever

Mountain View--Media 100, a unit of Optibase, has announced the largest single-site sale of its 844/X realtime on-line editing and compositing system to date--a set of four systems to WPSD-TV, News Channel 6. With the install, the NBC affiliate, based in Paducah, KY, will be moving production of its promotions, commercials, and local programming to the 844/X platform.
It is expected that a team of seven will use the 844/X systems to edit, composite, and tweak multi-layer topical and station promos, as well as proofs-of-performance, local commercials and local PSAs. With 844/X, WPSD-TV Creative Services also plans to take on and turn around a much higher volume of local broadcast projects, maximizing return on investment for the station.
"Our existing digital nonlinear setup was aging and we were going to update it via a substantial system purchase," said WPSD-TV's creative services
director Dave Rowton. "Getting commercials and promotions to air requires fast and reliable tools. We also wanted to grow and expand the revenue stream for the station for the future. The speed of the layering and effects capability of 844/X is going to dramatically improve the design quality and timeliness of our spots. We expect to have one of the most state-of-the-art production suites between Nashville and St. Louis."
"We are getting into multicasting, and producing more local shows," added Rowton. "Our mandate for all of this new work was for every commercial job to be completed within 48 hours from the time the call first came in to booking the project to its delivery. Full-length projects were not feasible with our current system. We realized we had to have more to do more, which led us right to 844/X."
Working in realtime with 844/X will help WPSD-TV eliminate rendering, which has been the broadcaster's primary hurdle in getting projects completed quickly.