mCosm, Helio team to enable digital media creation at retail locations

mCosm and Helio have formed a partnership to develop a new mobile service that will enable digital media creation for landmark retail locations. The service is generally being targeted at younger consumers.

The companies will use mCosm's mCast software to create, manage and distribute various digital media, ranging from signage and video to 3-D effects and animation. The mCast system prepares updates and schedules digital signage and media from a central server, sending the content immediately to displays throughout the Helio retail locations.

Helio stores feature pods that are an integrated environment where visitors can sample live devices and services, learn about Helio memberships, accessorize and sign up without having to wait in line at a traditional cash register. Digital displays, constantly updated with the help of mCosm's software, are a key element of this design. The Web-based service offered by mCosm aims to make the continuous updating of digital content easier for users. It is capable of being presented on almost any size screen, from the HD wall displays to Helio's own handsets.

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