Matrox exhibits new Mura video wall controller, Avio KVM extenders

Matrox Graphics ( announced new products from its Avio KVM extender and Mura MPX video display wall controller board product lines that were shown at the I/ITSEC 2011 show in Orlando, FL.

Avio extends uncompressed triple-display simulation content to a remote station 1km away from the host workstation, while Mura captures and displays the simulation data on a visualization video wall powered by six of Mitsubishi's DLP rear-projection cubes.

Mura sets a new standard in video wall technology and incorporates input and output channels on the same board to optimally manage peer-to-peer bandwidth in visually intensive, high-resolution applications. Based on PCI Express x16 Gen 2 technology, Mura ensures HD performance for training and simulation systems using Mitsubishi displays, projectors and cubes, while multiple Mura boards can also be combined to build high-density, scalable video walls for control rooms, operation centers and other mission-critical environments.