Marshall Electronics shows In-Monitor Display at NAB 2008

At the NAB 2008 Show, Marshall Electronics introduced a full lineup of LCD panels with In-Monitor Display (IMD) functionality. These new monitors and racks are cost-effective, all-in-one solutions for post-production houses, broadcasters and mobile units. Marshall's IMD series is a fully integrated solution that allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within an LCD flat panel monitor, while saving precious rack space. A variety of features are readily available including on-screen video time code, three-color soft tallies and audio presence indicator. These displays also include the company's new RotoMenu feature, which allows fast, direct and easy menu navigation.

Marshall's IMD monitors integrate easily with existing tally systems and controllers, while supporting Image Video, NVISION, TSL and MEI protocols. They are also ideal for large video wall applications and systems, and they can also be used as standalone displays with HDSDI loop-through.

In addition, Marshall showed it SunBright monitors, which are designed specifically for outdoor applications and challenging viewing environments. The proprietary optical surface technology passes backlight, but rejects light while minimizing surface reflection.

SunBright comes in three configurations:

  • the V-LCD65SB-HAD is a 6.5in high-res LCD monitor with SD/HD component and composite inputs. It is ideal for use as a field monitor.
  • the V-LCD84SB-AFHD is a 8.4in HD LCD monitor with composite, S-Video, SD/HD component, SDI/HD-SDI, VGA and DVI inputs.
  • the V-LCD15SB-AFHD-DT is a 15in HD LCD monitor with composite, S-Video, SD/HD component, SDI/HD-SDI, VGA and DVI inputs.

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View the Marshall Electronics IMD (In Monitor Display) at NAB2008.