LYNX Technik Unveils Second-Generation yellobrik Sync Pulse Generator

Lynx Technik
(Image credit: Lynx Technik)

WEITERSTADT, Germany—LYNX Technik has announced its new, second-generation yellobrik SPG 1708 sync pulse generator with genlock and support for UHD. 

The successor to the yellobrik 1707, the new model is a portable solution that ensure lock to any HD or SD sync input with full cross-lock functionality, even across unmatched standards, the company said.

The yellobrik SPG 1708 provides 3x HD tri-level sync outputs and 3x SD bi-level sync outputs. It supports all SD, HD, 3G-UHD, 12G and composite (PAL and NTSC) video formats. Separate audio sync output can be switched between 48 kHz Word Clock or Digital Audio Reference (DARS), it said.

Precision temperature-controlled oscillators with an accuracy of 2ppm ensures ultra-stability. The SPG 1708 is designed for simple and straightforward operation. All controls, settings and instructions are easy to understand and easily accessed from the front panel. The new sync pulse generator is also yelloGUI compatible, the company’s free yellobrik software, it said.

In standalone mode, the SPG 1708 can be used as a studio reference generator, a compact economical substitute for traditional larger rack mount equipment. It also is appropriate for use in OB applications, mobile editing, post production and professional AV applications that require a stable HD or SD reference signal, the company said.

The yellobrik SPG 1708 also can be used with the yellobrik rack frame for larger systems, which mounts up to 14 yellobrik modules with full power redundancy, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website.

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