London post house selects DVS and Quantum to address demands of HD and 3-D projects

Molinare, the largest, privately owned post-production company in the UK, has selected hardware and software from DVS and Quantum to accommodate the increased storage requirements of its HD and 3-D projects.

The facility recently purchased a combination of a DVS-SAN, DVS’s CLIPSTER, SpycerBox and Quantum’s StorNext data management software to move massive image files between its sites in London, Mumbai and Chennai, India. Thanks to the new technology, Molinare has increased its storage (from 8TB to 200TB) and implemented a high-speed, file-based workflow that allows the staff to manage, share, protect and archive its large media files.

Optimized for post-production workflows and operated independently of third-party components, Molinare’s editors can now work in the highest possible resolution with the ability to share material across continents. DVS’ SpycerBox assists Molinare in creating a secure and dedicated backup.
DVS’ DI workstation CLIPSTER allows real-time playback of several RAW files captured with cameras from like RED, ARRI, Phantom and others. Its ability to handle multiple tasks supports Molinare in new workflows, enabling the facility to take in any type of media, as well as edit, grade and conform the material. Molinare has even established a dedicated CLIPSTER suite, which is popular with clients working on digital cinema projects.

Quantum’s StorNext Storage Manager software was seamlessly integrated with the DVS equipment. It enables shared file access and intelligent archiving, providing data protection, a repository for completed work and deep storage for other material. The features in StorNext facilitate Molinare’s real-time 4K workflows and manage the resulting content across tiers of storage.