Lightning Media, USVO Partner For Piracy Protection

Hollywood, CA--Lightning Media is addressing the serious epidemic of video piracy by offering its clients watermarking protection through a new partnership with USA Video Interactive Corporation (USVO). MediaSentinel, the watermarking piracy-deterrent from USVO, will be available at Lightning Media beginning in mid-October.
MediaSentinel aids content owners and media distributors by embedding identification information into video content. It enables the content to be identified and traced back through its chain of distribution to its source in the event it is pirated. The new partnership will aggressively promote the MediaSentinel watermarking service to Lightning Media clients both directly and through advertising and will reinforce these efforts through co-development of educational materials that will support the benefits of rights protection through watermarking.
"Lightning Media is excited about our partnership with USVO," said Stephen Buchsbaum, CEO of Lightning Media. "We're delighted to offer Media Sentinel as the perfect aid in our ongoing quest to eliminate video piracy, and find the timing ideal as it coincides with our expansion to a new DVD replication facility in Valencia, CA."
"USVO’s MediaSentinel technology, partnered with Lightning Media’s digital video services, provides a dynamic solution to the entertainment industry in combating the piracy epidemic," said Edwin Molina, president and CEO of USVO.
Lightning Media