Larry Erin Named Clear-Com Technology Specialist

Clear-Com has announced that it has selected Larry Estrin as its new strategic technology specialist. In his new position, Estrin will be promoting the Clear-Com brand globally, and will also assist with product development and marketing, as well as in building sales opportunities.

Estrin has been active in the areas of live sound and broadcast audio for some time, having participated in such events as the first major concert broadcast to be delivered globally by multiple satellites, a live stereo broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremonies, as well as stereo transmissions of the Academy Awards, the Grammys and other events.

“We are happy to have someone with such extensive field and industry knowledge as Larry become a part of the Clear-Com team,” said Matt Danilowicz, Clear-Com’s president. “Much in the spirit that drives Clear-Com, Larry has consistently been an innovator--constantly looking at new ways to deliver solutions to clients’ needs. We are very much looking forward to the ideas he will share with us and, in turn, that we will bring to our customers.”