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Korea’s SkyLife to Launch 3D Channels

SEOUL: Korean satellite TV provide SkyLife will transmit live 3D sporting events in May and eventually launch channels in the format, according to The Korea Times. The TV provider is said to be investing some $4.5 million in 3D technology for the May transmissions. It intends to follow those inaugural events up with the creation of enough content to fill seven hours a day, a SkyLife executive said.

The carrier is in talks with Samsung, LG and Fuji Film regarding the production of more content, and with Disney and Dreamworks for 3D content acquisition.

A 3D-on-demand movie channel is planned for later this year; with two full 3D-only channels launching in 2012. The Times said SkyLife is developing technology by which subscribers with LCD sets with a refresh rate of 60 Hz or more can see the 3D effect.

SkyLife is using the Nagravision conditional access platform for its high-definition offering, and will extend the relationship with that vendor into the 3D realm.