Key Conference Themes at IBC 2013

Beyond keynote presentations and speakers, several key themes will guide the sessions at IBC2013. They include the Internet’s all-pervasive impact on traditional television, from OTT programming to ‘second screens’ and other alternative viewing options. The move from 2D to 3D production and post-production is also on the table at IBC 2013, as is the push by telcos into the broadcast space, and the linking of Facebook, Twitter and apps with conventional broadcast programming.

Big Data, the techniques of using data analytics to better understand consumer behaviour, is another of the conference buzzwords of 2013, especially as the industry struggles to make sense of a rapidly evolving multicast landscape. The question is: Can a set of techniques that were developed to understand consumer behaviour in retail stores really be successfully ported over to the broadcast industry? What will we gain if it can, and what will we lose if it can't?

Other things to see at IBC2013: This year’s fourteen exhibition halls feature everything from virtualised playout to robotised cranes and augmented reality graphics. A case in point: In Hall 9, ‘IBC Workflow Solutions’ spotlights software-based control of VTRs, multiviewers and other devices from Greek broadcaster Nova; high volume, rich auto QC at Technicolor, and a rapid edit compliance system that Ericsson Broadcast Services uses to serve its bluechip clients.

Get an insider’s take on IBC2013's tech and trends by attending the convention’s free “What Caught My Eye’ sessions, presented by expert hall-walkers with a knack for spotting cool technology first. Or catch the best at the IBC2013 Innovations Awards: This year’s nominees captured cricket balls moving 100 mph, covered the 70-day Olympic torch relay over IP and cellular networks; and used a cutting-edge high frame rate system to shoot ‘The Hobbit.’

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