JW Player Integrates Newly Acquired VUALTO Solutions

JW Player
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NEW YORK CITY—JW Player has announced it has fully integrated VUALTO, which the company acquired in May, into JW Player.

The move means that the two previous VUALTO offerings are now available to JW Player customers. Broadcast Live, formerly known as VUALTO Control Hub, and Studio DRM, formerly called VUDRM, have been integrated into JW Player, giving broadcasters and other content owners adaptable, scalable, secure and intelligent solutions for video orchestration and encryption.

“By bringing together the expertise of VUALTO and JW Player, we’ve created an end-to-end solution for success in the digital video economy,” said Dave Otten, CEO and co-founder of JW Player. “After months of integrating our teams, products and services, we’re proud to unveil our new offerings to the market. Our complete video delivery platform now enables broadcasters, publishers and other content owners to better engage and connect with audiences anywhere on any device, while ensuring the peace of mind that their content rights will be protected.”

Broadcast Live is a flexible, robust and scalable video orchestration solution for live, VOD, Live2VOD and VOD2Live. It offers integration with encoders, streaming services, workflow rules and DRM in a single set of APIs and GUI. Due to its pluggable architecture, Broadcast Live makes it easy to integrate third-party solutions and with existing customer systems, the company said.

The solution enables comprehensive channel configuration, event scheduling, monitoring, clipping and syndication.

Studio DRM is a multi-digital-rights-management solution offering easy content protection for broadcasters, sports OTT platforms and other premium content rights holders. Highly scalable and flexible, Studio DRM allows content owners to make DRM encryption key requests on the fly. The solution supports the latest content protection standards, including CPIX, CMAF and CBCS, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website

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