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JVC launches hand-held professional HD camcorder into European market

JVC is introducing its first professional hand-held camcorder with complete HD recording capabilities to the European market.

The JY-HD10E is a single CCD (1.18 million pixel, 16:9) professional camcorder that can record at various resolution modes. It records at HD resolution 720p and will output at both 720p and up-converted 1080i signals. Recording is performed using native 16:9 from the CCD with a MPEG-2 HD compression algorithm (GOP - 6) directly on to standard size Mini-DV cassettes, which is at the same mode of recording DV in standard definition mode. The camcorder also incorporates a standard mode with 4:3 DV compression of MPEG-2 at 480/60p or 480/60i.

The JY-HD10E provides format-conversion while playing back through its analog component outputs, so it can upconvert to 1080/60i or downconvert into 480/60p and 480/60i to instantly view images on the viewfinder. It also provides the optimal balance between full bandwidth (1280x720 pixels) within a 19Mbps data stream. MPEG-2 is compatible with D-VHS for archiving and distribution; and in the 480/60p mode, for DVD mastering.

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