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JVC Camera Speeds up Goffstown TV’s Sports Production

WAYNE, N.J.—Speed is a dangerous weapon on the football field, but as Goffstown TV has learned, it can also be a key one off of it as well. A PEG station in Goffstown, N.H., Goffstown TV (GTV) recently added JVC GY-HM200SP sports production streaming camcorders in an effort to speed up its production of local football games.

The GY-HM200SP camcorder from JVC features built-in graphics overlay, which JVC’s press release reports allows GTV to eliminate a secondary camera it used to cover football, one covering the game the other recording to scoreboard. The GY-HM200SP is able to produce a real-time score overlay on recorded or streamed video output without the use of an external CG or production switcher. This eliminates the need for sync camera feeds in the editing process.

GTV is able to update the score and clock data manually in the graphic overlay via an iPad. Staff can also create custom team overlays using Photoshop and JVC’s SDP Generator software. Footage is recorded to non-proprietary SD cards. Additional features of the GY-HM200SP camcorder include 12x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer, 4K, HD and SD recording modes, dedicated microphone mount, and SDI and HDMI video outputs.

With the use of the GY-HM200SP, GTV reports that it has been able to increase its number of sports productions and the time in which it takes to upload the footage to its broadcast channels.