Japan’s mobile TV service provider selects Miranda

NTS (NHK Technical Services), Japan's Mobile TV service provider, has installed an Imagestore master control and channel branding processor and a Presmaster 2 control panel.

Users of MobaHO!, Japan's first digital satellite broadcasting service for mobile use, can now access NHK General TV and other programs via their mobile devices through Mobile.n channel, which features channel branding inserted by the Imagestore system.

MobaHO! provides eight video channels, including Mobile.n and other news, sports and entertainment programming; 37 audio channels, including overseas FM radio stations and genre-specific music programming; and approximately 60 data-service titles.

The Imagestore processor provides NTS with two multi-level keying levels for inserting animations or still graphics for Mobile TV channel branding. A Presmaster2 panel is used for manual operation of switching and branding, and it provides operators with full video and audio previewing.

NTS is also using six Miranda DVP-101i SDI video processors, which combine proc-amp and synchronizer functionality, to lock their remote feeds to a local reference. The proc-amp provides a wide range of video level and phase adjustments, such as video gain, black level, hue and saturation. The DVP-101i processors also extract embedded audio and pass it to six DAP-712i audio processors that re-embed the audio at the output.