ITN Source streamlines delivery of FOX Business News content with Volicon Observer

ITN Source, one of the world's largest commercial providers of motion imagery, has implemented the Volicon Observer media logging and monitoring system on behalf of FOX News. The Observer enables ITN Source to deliver licensed FOX Business News content to clients immediately upon broadcast, without the delays of videotape-based processes.

As one aspect of its services, ITN Source provides licensed footage to independent researchers or public relations agencies representing the high-profile corporate leaders who make guest appearances on FOX News broadcasts. Prior to the Observer, ITN Source relied solely on a time-consuming tape-based process for locating footage and delivering it to clients. ITN Source staffers had to manually search through videotapes for the requested footage, which then had to be digitized and converted to QT or WMV files and delivered to the client via file transfer protocol (FTP).

As FOX prepared to launch its new FOX Business Network, ITN Source implemented the digital content logging system to facilitate immediate content delivery to clients requesting FOX Business Network content. The Observer provides 24-hour monitoring and recording of FOX Business Network programming. It also enables ITN Source staff to search for and instantly retrieve footage via the system’s closed-caption database. The footage can then be easily exported to a DVD for distribution to the client.

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