Inside NEP’s Supershooter 3D

PITTSBURGH: The latest addition to the NEP mobile production fleet was rendered specifically for 3D. The Supershooter 3D was unveiled earlier this month and deployed immediately for a college football game covered by ESPN. NEP subsequently sent images of the inside of the truck.

The first two images show the production room; five of the screens are 3D monitors the crew views with 3D glasses.

At left, the 3D tape and video room.The 3D convergence station is shown right. The truck is wired for eight 3D cameras, has two six-channel EVS XT-2 servers, 10 tape machines, and it sports an SSL digital audio console.

The truck’s maiden deployment was the Ohio State-University of Southern California game Sept. 12. It’s scheduled to cover several more events, ranging from concerts to sports.