IBC2014: Torque Video Systems Debuts

AMSTERDAM—Torque Video Systems marked its debut at IBC 2014. In conjunction with its inauguration, Torque launched DVMon, a compact Digital Video Monitoring platform, as well as the FPM-FEC Performance Measurement probe.

Danny Wilson, founder and CEO of Torque Video Systems said, “Torque Video Systems specializes in the management and monitoring of broadcast quality of service. Moving forward, we are excited to collaborate with several solutions partners for greater innovation and technology exchange, strengthen our product development expertise to offer a host of cost-effective TMM products in the pipeline, and expand our sales network.

Torque DVMon is a monitoring platform for digital television networks. Built on the latest compact 1 RU hardware, the DVMon has an HTML5 GUI, runs on any standards-compliant Web browser, and eliminates the restriction of a fixed 800x600 screen size. The DVMon also facilitates opening multiple viewing panels, and zooming in or out on any chart axis is a snap.

Intended for measuring link quality for long-distance video transmission operators, the Torque FPM is a niche product that can simulate video hit interval, allowing operators to align the signal protection level with customers’ SLA. The FPM optimizes latency, yet minimizes overhead, simplifying configuration of international contribution links.