IBC2014 New Product Line-up: The D’s

AMSTERDAM— TV Technology is combing through the veritable Niagara Falls of IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. “D’s” follow A’s and B’s and C’s.

Dalet Unveils Brio, Amberfin and Galaxy
Dalet is bringing its new Brio ingest and playout, the Galaxy MAM, and Amberfin transcoding working as an integrated platform.

Decimator Design Launches MD-HX Cross Converter and DMON-6S Multiviewer
Decimator Design is launching the new DMON-6S, which allows viewing of up to six video streams on one screen on both pre-set and customizable layouts while the MD-HX, right, allows up-, down- and cross-conversion of SDI and HDMI signals.

Dejero Euro Debuts Live+ Booster
Appearing for the first time at IBC, the Dejero Live+ Booster is the newest member of Dejero’s Live+ family of news vehicle solutions. A connection and signal booster for bonded uplink transmissions, the Live+ Booster employs an array of up to 12 high-gain antennas mounted on the top of the vehicle. This enables mobile news crews to extend their connection reception during difficult transmission scenarios, such as transmitting from crowded areas where cellular networks are overloaded or in low-coverage areas.

Digital Nirvana Introduces New Media Management Platform
Digital Nirvanais introducing its Media Management Platform, which offers a suite of applications that allows users to capture, edit, share, and manage content - as well as prove compliance, monitor and analyze video.

DVEO Transcodes, Corrects and Distributes
DVEO will debut the new FEC Box IP IP stand-alone error-correcting router for UDP or ETP traffic, at left; a 50-channel transcoding playout server and streaming appliance, and a “second-generation” IP video distribution server with live grooming.