IBC2014 New Product Line-up: The C’s

AMSTERDAM— TV Technology is combing through the veritable Niagara Falls of IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. “C’s” follow A’s and B’s.

Calibre UK Launches Fovea-F1 MEMC Convertor
Calibre UK will launch their new Fovea-F1 broadcast grade motion estimated and motion compensated standards convertor. The Fovea-F1 MEMC will perform frame rate conversion of 1080i59.94 to 1080i50 content in the signal processing area.To extend its global launch, Calibre has signed a global distribution agreement with Imagine Communications.

Camera Corp Euro Debuts Q3 and MeerCat
Camera Corps will bring out its Q3 pan/tilt/zoom/focus head and MeerCat miniature camera, right, both introduced at NAB in April and now fully deliverable. Q3 and MeerCat can be integrated with all Camera Corps' current control systems. Up to 96 cameras of various types can be joystick-controlled by up to four operators and four vision engineers.

Cartoni to Debut New Fluid Head
Cartoni will debut Smart Pro, a low-cost fluid head for camera payloads from 0-6 kg (0 to 13 lbs.)

Cinedeck Launches Cinedeck ZX
Cinedeck is launching Cinedeck ZX, below, a modular 4K/UHDTV-1/HD/SD platform, that allows users to custom-build camera-to-post workflows for a wide range of digital cinema and broadcast applications.

Clear-Com Unveils Linq Line
Clear-Com is introducing the LINQ product line. LINQ interfaces are compact devices that enable connection of two-wire partyline with call signaling and four-wire audio over LAN, WAN or Internet IP infrastructures. LINQ is available in two- or four-wire options.

CueScript Make IBC Debut
CueScript is a first-time exhibitor at this year’s IBC show. The company, which launched during the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas, will have its full range of software, prompting displays and accessories on display, including the introduction of its new software —iT Production and iT News, as well as its new EMC 15- and EMC 17-inch range of prompter displays.

Cobalt Rolls Out New openGear Cards
Cobalt Digital said it’s introducing “a record-breaking number of new products at IBC this year, including quint-split multi-image display processor, a high-quality down-converter, embedder/de-embedder, DA, a MPEG multi-standard broadcast transcoder openGear cards and several fiber-optic cards.