IBC2014 New Product Line-up: The B’s

AMSTERDAM —TV Technology is combing through the veritable Niagara Falls of IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. Below are the “B’s.” (The “A’s” are here.)

Barnfind Introduces ASP-toIP Conversion Card, Optics

Barnfind is bringing its ASI-to-IP conversion card housed in the BTF1-09 frame with 8 x BNCs, 4-channel ASI-to-IP with RJ45 pin connector x 2 (8 x ASI channels to 2 x independent IP streams) and the main board with 16 x SFPs. The BTF1-09 has same specifications as the rest of the BTF1-XX frames. Barnfind also brings new optical products for both BarnOne and BarnMini.

Blackcam System Brings B10 Dolly

The Blackcam System B10 dolly, left, weighs five pounds and is intended for shooting action sports and table-top work, ideal for the new breed of tiny HD cameras, including Modula, Indiecam, Ikegami, SinaCAM, Sony, Marshall, GoPro and similar sizes. (It's also available with mini HD ZOOM lens.)

Bluefish444 Introduces Epoch Video Cards

The Epoch Neutron cards adopt an all new form factor, allowing both cards to be installed into low-profile servers, small form-factor computers and low-profile Thunderbolt expansion chassis. Full height shield options allow for integration in more traditional workstation computers and provide additional I/O requirements like AES/EBU, RS422 machine control, and domestic analogue audio monitoring.

Bradley Engineering Introduces Elkam
Bradley is bring their Elkam miniature HD “goalcam,” and will show their tiny RD12 receiver enabling CCU on a Sony broadcast camera.

Brightcove Launches Perform

Brightcove launched Brightcove Perform, a service for creating and cross-platform video playback with a full set of management APIs, performance optimization services and the HTML5-first Brightcove Player.

BroadStream Announces New Armada Toolkit
BroadStream Solutions unveils Armada, a toolkit of flexible modules for delivering tailored requirements such as time delay, media ingest, localization, and more. Specialized applications include Radar, which adds a MAM and orchestration layer over the Oasys Automated Playout Solution.