IBC2014: General Dynamics Mediaware Demos 4K HEVC Ad Insertion

AMSTERDAM—General Dynamics Mediaware is demonstrating its next-generation ad insertion product InStream Splice with frame-accurate HEVC supporting 4K ultra HD, plus InStream Play, a new built-in automation layer.

A unified end-to-end play-out and ad insertion solution that demonstrates how splicing in the compressed domain can be delivered at the quality level demanded by successful operators. InStream Play is the newest addition to the General Dynamics Mediaware family of proven broadcast solutions. InStream Splice provides real-time control platforms for operators of local or edge deployments to coordinate time delay, advertisement and logo insertions for local and regional TV channels.

·InStream Delay now with InFuze allows facility operators to delay programming in different time zones, while simultaneously, and seamlessly, inserting logos directly in MPEG-2 transport streams. GDM says its MPEG-2 and H.264 editing solution captures, edits and creates file-based content from digital compressed, live broadcasts, without transcoding.