IBC2006 theme focuses on multimedia in the home

Consumers are being barraged by competing content delivery platforms and service offerings.

IBC2006 promises to wade through the alternatives with a special focus on how home media networks will help consumers access the content they seek when and where they want it. On Thursday, Sept. 7, the conference will present “Multimedia in the Networked Home” as its official theme.

Among the topics will be:

  • The technology and content winners and losers in the home.
  • The technology and relative opportunities of IPTV and broadcasting.
  • The convenience of VOD and PVRs.
  • The consequences of home networks for broadcasters and broadcast formats.
  • The prospects for protecting rights of content owners and users.

Sessions devoted to the day’s theme will include:

  • “Multimedia — more media or more services?” directed by Kate Bulkley, UK. This session will address the digital home networking proposals with an emphasis on 802.11 WiFi and a look at IEEE 1394 for low-cost networking.
  • “The platforms (networks) — broadcast or broadband based?” directed by Philip Laven, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland. This session will compare and contrast IPTV and broadband Internet TV as well as assess competing technologies to reach consumers on the go.
  • “The platforms (devices and services) — ‘one for each’ or ‘one for all,’” directed by Julian Clover, Broadband TV News, UK. Will the home of the future have a single device that integrates gaming, media delivery and other services, or will each continue to require its own dedicated box? Find out in this session.
  • “The markets — integration or disintegration?” directed by Chris Forrester, UK. What will the future face of media be, and how will consumers access content?

For more information, visit: www.ibc.org.