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IBC Brands With Ensemble

Program feeds originating from the International Broadcast Center in Beijing are being branded with Ensemble Designs logo inserters. In addition to the Ensemble Avenue 7420 logo inserters, Avenue 5400 and 7405 Sync pulse and test-signal generators are being used on feeds from all 40 Olympic venues across China.

A special in-house TV distribution network at the IBC provides correspondents and reporters views of various venues and events, facilitating coverage when a reporter cannot be at each Games site.

The IBC receives full-bandwidth uncompressed HD feeds on fiber from venues within fiber distance of the center. More distant venues send compressed MPEG feeds at a high bit rate back to the IBC. All signals are fed into a matrix of Ensemble 7420s for individual branding of each channel.

At the various venues, Avenue 5400s are used to feed pathological and color bars to the path and to ID each venue. Olympics staff engineers asked Ensemble Designs to add a moving element to the test signals to help alert if a path is frozen.