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Httv to unveil new OTT player for STB, TV set makers at IP&TV World Forum

France-based httv will introduce during the IP&TV World Forum 2011, at the Olympia exposition center in London, March 22-24, its new over-the-top (OTT) player for set-top box and TV manufacturers using HTTP-based adaptive bit rate streaming and interfaced with Allegro servers.

The growing availability of broadband capacity and the progress of Internet content delivery technology have made available OTT content across a large number of TV devices. The httv OTT player is the company’s technological answer to the growing demand for OTT content to help hybrid set-top box and TV manufacturers make the content available on their devices.

The company has developed and integrated the OTT stream player based on Linux. The customizable OTT player solution enables set-top box and TV manufacturers to offer both operators and VOD service providers rich OTT services in a limited bandwidth environment.