HPA Announces Award Nominees

The Hollywood Post Alliance has announced the nominations for the Second Annual HPA Awards. Winners will be announced during an evening ceremony, Nov. 1 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

The awards, launched in 2006, are honor creative and technical excellence in the art, science and craft of post production in 12 categories. In addition, Fred Rheinstein, founder of The Post Group will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the HPA Engineering Excellence Award winner, announced later this month, will also be honored at the event.

For tickets to the show, visit www.hpaawards.net, or call 213-614-0860, or e-mail info@hpaawards.net

The nominees are:

Outstanding Color Correction, Feature Film in a DI Process

  • Hairspray — Steven J. Scott (EFilm)
  • 300 — Stefan Sonnenfeld (Company 3)
  • Children of Men — Steven J. Scott (EFilm)

Outstanding Color Correction — Television

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation “Built to Kill, Part 1” — Paul Westerbeck (The Post Group)
  • Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee — Kevin O’Connor (Deluxe Digital Media)
  • Friday Night Lights “Pilot Episode” — Rick Dalby (Universal Digital Services)

Outstanding Color Correction — Commercial

  • Alfa Romeo 147 “Hollywood” — Bob Festa (Riot)
  • Nike Zoom “The Plan” — Stefan Sonnenfeld (Company 3)
  • Nike “Take Over” — Dave Hussey (Company 3)

Outstanding Editing — Television

  • Rome “De Parte Vostro (About Your Father)” — David J. Siegel, A.C.E.
  • Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee — Michael Ornstein, A.C.E.
  • The Company (Night 2) — Scott Vickrey, A.C.E.

Outstanding Editing — Commercial

  • Levi’s “Change” — Maury Loeb (PS 260)
  • American Express “Animals” — Chris Franklin (Big Sky Editorial)
  • Dove “Evolution” — Paul Gowan (Rogue Editorial)

Outstanding Audio Post — Feature Film

  • Meet the Robinsons — David Fluhr, C.A.S. Myron Nettinga and Todd Toon (Buena Vista Sound)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum — Karen Baker Landers & Per Hallberg (Soundelux) and Scott Millan & David Parker (Todd- AO West)

Outstanding Audio Post — Television

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation “Living Doll” — Mace Matiosian, Bill Smith, Yuri Reese, David Van Slyke, Ruth Adelman and Jivan Tahmizian (Todd AO)
  • The Sopranos “The Blue Comet” — Kevin Burns, Todd Orr, Jason George, Tim Boggs and Jed Dodge (Todd AO)
  • The Company (Night 2) — David B. Cohn, M.P.S.E, Nello Torri and Alan Decker, C.A.S. (Sony Pictures Television)

Outstanding Audio Post — Commercial

  • Skoda “Giggle” — Parvinder Thind (Wave Recording Studios)
  • American Express “Animals” — Chris Franklin (Big Sky Editorial)
  • STL-Terrorism Has No Religion — Jeff Levy (Margarita Mix Santa Monica)

Outstanding Compositing — Television

  • The Company (Night 2) — Vit Komrzy, Viktor Muller, Miro Gal and Jiri Stamfest (UPP)
  • The Unit “Johnny B. Good” — Bob Minshall, Matt Von Brock, Changsoo Eun and Dan Lopez (Encore Hollywood)
  • Grey’s Anatomy “Walk on Water” — Valeri Pfahning, Chris Martin, Diego Galtieri and Eric Grenaudier (Stargate Digital)

Outstanding Compositing — Commercial

  • American Express “Animals” — Ryan Sears (Big Sky Editorial)
  • Sprint “Charts” — Geoff McAuliffe, Yafei Wu and Robert Sethi (Brickyard VFX)
  • Honda Cruisers “Free Yourself” — Patrick Poulatian, Yafei Wu and Robert Sethi (Brickyard VFX)