HBO Arranges Full HD Feed

HBO has committed to making all 26 of its program feeds available in 1080i HD. The expansion will begin later this year and should be completed by the middle of 2008.

At this time, HBO has two HD offerings—HBO HDTV, launched in 1999, and Cinemax HDTV, kicked off in 2003.

The HBO HD multiplex, which offers HBO’s original productions and the Cinemax movie library, includes:

  • HBO Branded Channels/Feeds Cinemax Branded Channels/Feeds
  • HBO (East/West) Cinemax (East/West)
  • HBO2 (East/West) MoreMAX (East/West)
  • HBO Signature (East/West) ActionMAX (East/West)
  • HBO Comedy (East/West) ThrillerMAX (East/West)
  • HBO Family (East/West) WMAX (East)
  • HBO Zone (East/West) @MAX (East)
  • HBO Latino (East/West) 5StarMAX (East)
  • OuterMAX. (East)