Harmonic helps deliver Asian Games with IPTV technology

GlobeCast is using IP-based video-processing technology from Harmonic to bring home the 2010 Asian Games live from Guangzhou, China, through Nov. 27. The new Harmonic IP-based headend system is allowing GlobeCast to use high-quality compression and stream-processing techniques for the distribution of live coverage from the Asian Games via satellite for affiliate TV stations and MSOs throughout Asia.

The advanced capabilities and video quality of Harmonic’s integrated, IP-based headend technologies have allowed GlobeCast to efficiently and quickly launch the system in time for the demanding 16-day competition.

GlobeCast is using Harmonic's Electra 5400 SD and Electra 7000 HD MPEG-4 (AVC) encoders; ProStream 1000 stream-processing platform with integrated Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS) capabilities; and DiviTrackIP statistical-multiplexing technology to deliver secure, high-quality services while optimizing bandwidth efficiency. In addition, Harmonic’s ProView 7000 integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs) are being used for content reception.

Harmonic offers a wide range of video-processing solutions, including the Electra family of encoders that support HD, SD and 3-D video services in MPEG-2 or AVC formats, as well as integrated up/downconversion, simultaneous secondary output and audio-level adjustment capabilities in the latest-generation Electra 8000 platform. The ProView IRDs are powerful, cost-effective solutions for decoding, descrambling and digital turnaround, and the ProStream 1000 stream-processing platform is a highly versatile platform for multiplexing, scrambling and advanced processing of MPEG streams.