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Germany’s Media Broadcast to Test 5G TV Production

Media Broadcast 5G Blue Box
(Image credit: Media Broadcast)

FRANKFURT, Germany—Technical services provider Media Broadcast is set to test use cases for TV production using 5G at its 5G campus in Germany.

The intention of the use cases is to establish an end-to-end TV production chain with 5G components, from portable recording with wireless cameras and microphones, to the integration of IT and command signals, to the playback of contributions via 5G in the studio.

The company intends to examine and test connectivity, data throughput, latency, susceptibility to failure and reliability within various parameters.

Media Broadcast will use its 5G Blue Box technology, which houses both the Core Net components and the control units for the Radio Access Network (RAN).

It also intends to welcome third-party companies to the campus to test their own 5G tech under real conditions.

“It’s clear that 5G is not the universal remedy for all challenges, as it is presented in many publications,” said Daniel Wolbers, head of 5G Product Development at Media Broadcast. “Gathering practical experience is therefore extremely important, especially in this early phase after the introduction of 5G. With our consulting services and our campus network, we offer all interested companies the opportunity to try out their use cases with us and then have them implemented.”