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Gennum shows 12Gb/s optical transport at InterBee 2007

Gennum demonstrated a new high-speed video transport, which leverages the company’s optical technology to deliver a signal at 12Gb/s, during InterBEE 2007 Nov. 20-22 in Japan.

Gennum’s demonstration relied on its clock and data recovery (CDR) technology for video optical module applications. CDR technology enables maximum signal integrity at higher rates to deliver high-quality video. The module, a standard off-the-shelf XFP transceiver modified to include Gennum's 12.5G CDR test chip, was capable of variable data rates from 9.9Gb/s-12.5Gb/s.

This variation enables support for a broad range of current and emerging standards, such as UHDTV, SMPTE 435M, D-Cinema and 12-bit 4:4:4 1080p. Additionally, the high bandwidth enables up to eight HD-SDI links or four 3Gb/s SDI links.

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