‘Game of Thrones’ Leads HPA Award TV Nominees

LOS ANGELES—After setting the record for most Emmys in a single year, HBO’s hit show ‘Game of Thrones’ is carrying the momentum to the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards as it leads the pack of TV nominees with four nominations; its closest competitors were Starz’s ‘Black Sails’ and HBO’s ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways’ with two.

The 10th annual HPA Awards honor artistic excellence and creative achievements in the post production industry, recognizing outstanding achievement in editing, sound, visual effects and color grading in TV, film and commercials.

To see the nominees in the film and commercial categories, click here. Here are the full slate of nominees for TV:

Outstanding Color Grading:

  • ‘Olive Kitteridge – Incoming Tide’
    Pankaj Bajpai; Encore
  • ‘Boardwalk Empire – Golden Days for Boys and Girls’
    John Crowley; Technicolor PostWorks NY
  • ‘Sense8 – What’s Going On?’
    Tony Dusting; Technicolor
  • ‘Game of Thrones – Hardhome’
    Joe Finley; Chainsaw, Inc.
  • ‘Masters of Sex – A Parliament of Owls’
    Matt Lear; Sony Pictures Television

Outstanding Editing:

  • ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways – Austin’
    Scott D. Hanson; Therapy Studios
  • ‘VICE on HBO – Cold War 2.0’
    Rich Lowe
  • ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways – Nashville’
    Kristin McCasey; Therapy Studios
  • ‘House of Cards – Chapter 32’
    Cindy Mollo, ACE; Netflix
  • ‘Game of Thrones – Hardhome’
    Tim Porter; Beyond the Wall Productions, Inc.

Outstanding Sound:

  • ‘Halt and Catch Fire – SETI’
    Sue Cahill, Keith Rogers, Scott Weber, Jane Boegel, Mark Cleary, Kevin McCullough; NBC Universal StudioPost
  • ‘Black Sails – XVIII’
    Benjamin Cook, Stefan Hendrix, Jeffrey Pitts, Sue Cahill, Onnalee Blank, Matthew Waters; Starz
  • ‘Game of Thrones – Hardhome’
    Tim Kimmel, Paula Fairfield, Bradley Katona, Paul Bercovitch, Onnalee Blank, Matthew Waters; Formosa Group
  • ‘Banshee – You Can’t Hide from the Dead'
    Bradley North, Joseph DeAngelis, Ken Kobett, Tiffany Griffith, David Werntz; Technicolor
  • ‘Homeland – Redux’
    Nello Torri, Alan Decker; NBC Universal Studio Post
    Craig Dellinger; Sony Sound Services

Outstanding Visual Effects:

  • ‘Games of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons’
    Joe Bauer, Steve Kullback, Derek Spears, Eric Carney, Jabbar Raisani; Fire and Blood Productions
  • ‘Ripper Street – Whitechapel Terminus’
    Ed Bruce, Nicholas Murphy, John O’Connell, Joseph Courtis, Ronan Gantly; Screen Scene
  • ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter – Now Is Not the End’
    Sheena Duggal, Richard Bluff, Jay Mehta, Chad Taylor, Cody Gramstad; Industrial Light & Magic
  • ‘Black Sails – XVIII’
    Erik Henry; Starz
    Ken Jones; Digital Domain
    Nic Spier; Shade FX
    Christina Spring, Bjorn Ahlstedt; Crazy Horse Effects
  • ‘The Flash – Grodd Lives’
    Armen V. Kevorkian, Andranik Taranyan, Stefan Bredereck, Jason Shulman, Gevork Babityan; Encore VFX

HPA previously announced special awards to Leon Silverman and the ESPN Digital Center 2.

The winners will be announced during the 10th Annual HPA Awards gala ceremony on Nov. 12, at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.