Game Creek Video adds Apollo consoles to all-Calrec fleet

Hudson, NH-based mobile production company Game Creek Video has added its first two Calrec Apollo mixing consoles to its fleet of trucks, which all have Calrec consoles on board. The Apollo consoles are being installed in two new HD trucks that will hit the road this summer, bringing Game Creek's fleet to 27 trucks, including 13 all-HD rigs.

Game Creek will deploy identical 72 dual-fader Apollo consoles in “Victory” and “Justice,” two 53-ft-long expandable trucks that will cover large live sporting events mainly for ESPN and ABC. Many of the events require audio feeds in excess of 300 channels to accommodate stereo and multichannel surround. Victory, the first of the trucks to hit the road, has among its tasks the mission to broadcast “ESPN Saturday Night Football on ABC.” Justice will also cover a variety of events, including NBA games for ESPN later this year.
The Apollo includes 128 faders in a compact footprint, which makes it ideal for space-constrained mobile TV trucks. It leverages Calrec’s Bluefin signal processing technology to provide up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/track outputs and 48 auxiliaries. The Apollo also features a newly designed control surface with OLED displays, touch screens and light-emitting knobs that detail function and status.

I/O functions are performed by Calrec's Hydra2 audio routing system.