Front Porch Digital IBC2006 Product Preview


DIVAnet allows customers to leverage the core power of DIVArchive to provide advanced content replication, disaster recovery, and business continuance functionality across multiple facilities. Not only can DIVAnet intelligently replicate content between facilities, but it also provides a fundamental toolset for advanced content-lifecycle control for effective multisite archive management. This product is suited to meet the needs of Front Porch Digital customers that have multiple DIVArchive site installations.

Networked storage and broadcast facilities equipped with linked DIVArchive systems installed on either end via the DIVAnet solution can manage ongoing and automated duplication of assets stored in the main library. DIVAnet can also be used to connect multiple installations of Front Porch Digital’s DIVAworks “archive-in-a-box” solution.

DIVAnet facilitates fast and inexpensive content exchange for everyday operations across a distributed and redundant content-archive system to deliver full disaster-recovery capability. Based on configurable policies, DIVAnet ensures that two or more different facilities share identical media libraries and also provides the means for one facility—equipped with the requisite playout infrastructure—to duplicate and take over the other facility’s program transmission in the event of failure, natural disaster, or other catastrophe.

The focus of continuous investment and innovation, and now protected by three U.S. patents, DIVArchive has become the archive management application preferred by the world’s leading media companies. DIVArchive continues to deliver powerful functionality to meet the evolving needs of global broadcasters. Key enhancements include broader interoperability with Front Porch Digital’s key partners’ emerging technologies, enhanced performance for network-based API clients, file-system-interface refinements, and enhanced error messaging.

This distributed, Web-based content management application addresses the most fundamental asset management requirements for global broadcasters. It enables active tracking of all assets in the DIVArchive system, low-bit-rate proxy browsing, frame-accurate EDL generation and export, and robust metadata search and management capabilities, among others.

Front Porch has assembled this robust plug-and-play archive management appliance to include a server and near-line storage with a 10-cassette data tape library, all operating under the control of DIVArchive. This turnkey single-chassis unit is offered at prices tailored to the needs of broadcasters making first-time investments in basic archive systems. It was designed specifically to meet the independent broadcaster’s need for a high-performance system at an economical price point.