Fraunhofer Shows New JPEG XS SDK 5.0 At IBC 2022

Fraunhofer IIS
UHD decoding performance of Fraunhofer IIS JPEG XS SDK 5.0 (Image credit: Fraunhofer IIS)

AMSTERDAM—Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits ISS today demonstrated its JPEG XS SDK (software developers kit) 5.0 solutions that achieve a 25% acceleration for encoding and decoding 4K and 8K images on x86 CPUs, ARM CPUs and NVidia GPUs at the ongoing IBC 2022 convention.

The performance increase stems from streamlined parameterization and optimization, much of which centered on massive application of single-instruction multi-data commands and data pipeline optimization for processing, Fraunhofer said.

As a result, fewer than four cores of a CPU processor are needed to encode or decode UHD video at 60 fps, Fraunhofer said.

The organization also announced that the Fraunhofer ISS SDK allows MXF support in accordance with SMPTE ST 2124.

The JPEG XS compression codec was designed to enable transmission of high-quality video up to 8K via the Internet Protocol (IP) in production quality. JPEG XS, an ISO standard, first appeared in 2019 and is now on its way to market, Fraunhofer said.

A patent licensing pool program and several SDKs have been established to enable industry partners to access and implement the new compression codec for different media workflows and devices, it added.

More information is available on the Fraunhofer website.

See Fraunhofer at IBC 2022 Stand 8.B80.

Phil Kurz

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