FOX Delivers HD With Terayon

FOX has tapped Terayon's BP 5100 broadcast platform to power its HD broadcast delivery system.
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(February 3, 2004) New York, NY--FOX, which last year announced plans to deliver at least half of its primetime schedule in high definition for the fall TV season, has tapped Terayon's BP 5100 broadcast platform to power its HD broadcast delivery system. Terayon is working with Thomson, FOX's prime technology partner, in this effort. The Terayon BP 5100 enables the integration of high-quality HD programming at its affiliated stations, while at the same time allowing
localized on-screen branding.
Terayon designed the BP 5100 to maintain the capability to achieve marketing and profitability goals through localized HD logo insertion, stream quality management and digital-to-digital splicing between local and network HD content. It enables broadcasters to implement such services without leaving the digital domain or requiring any additional decoding and encoding equipment at each affiliate site.
"Terayon has a long history of video innovations and the BP 5100, the latest evolution of our core technology, addresses unique needs in the broadcast market as networks move to HD," said Jeff Barco, vice president and general manager, Terayon's Digital Video Solutions. "Terayon's expansion into the broadcast market represents the first of many new markets where our technology can be applied."
"FOX has set an aggressive set of goals for its rollout of HD, including long term economic sustainability, the highest possible picture [quality] and sound quality, and preservation of station bandwidth," said Andrew G. Setos, president of engineering, FOX Group. "The partnership that we have formed with Thomson and Terayon is essential to realizing these goals."
"We are very pleased to continue to deepen our relationship with News Corp. and support its innovative HD distribution model," said Marc Valentin, president, Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions. "We have worked with Terayon for many years and look forward to providing the FOX Broadcasting Company and its affiliates the best possible support and technology in this endeavor."