FotoKem produces movie masters with FOR-A switcher

FotoKem, a full service motion picture post-production facility, has purchased FOR-A’s HVS-Dual Link switcher to help create masters of motion pictures.

The Burbank, CA-based company works extensively with New Line Cinema to create movie masters, director’s cut DVDs and TV versions of their feature films.

FotoKem is using the HVS-Dual Link switcher to archive and edit all of New Line’s movie masters in HD-RGB 4:4:4.

Dual Link 4:4:4 video uses two HD-SDI channels to carry full color precision and color space (4:4:4 RGB 10bit). Standard HDTV and SD video formats are 4:2:2 based, providing just half the color resolution of the original image. When running in Dual Link 4:4:4, the additional color information is carried on the second HD-SDI link, establishing the full color resolution of the original film or graphics, which is ideal for chroma keying, heavy effects layering or feature film work.

The HVS-Dual Link switcher comes standard with a DVE card that works in 2-D when in Dual Link mode. It also allows users to add an additional true 3D DVE card in the 4RU main unit, which provides up to two channels in the single link HD mode and up to four channels in the SD mode.

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