For-A Switcher Chosen Across Industries

Trinity Church estimates the switcher will be used for 450-500 events per year

CYPRESS, CALIF.— For-A’s HVS-390HS video production switcher has been deployed for a variety of applications.

Trinity Church recently purchased the HVS-390HS as the center of its new control room, estimating that the switcher will be used for 450-500 events throughout the course of a year.

News organization The Washington Post is another recent customer. The D.C.-based company is using the HVS-390HS along with For-A’s VTW-330HS character generator for a video wall application.

The HVS-390HS video switcher has recently been purchased by both the New York Institute of Technology and Worcester State University. NYIT installed the HVS-390HS as part of a control room upgrade in September. The switcher is being used for hands-on production classes and for video produced for the school’s global digital network.

“The switcher offers great value and features that empower our students,” said Herb Savran, NYIT’s chief engineer of the communication arts department. “Our 2 M/E switcher provides extensive DVE and keyers options, multi-viewing and routing capabilities, and makes it easy for our students to produce a variety of fast-changing shows.”

Broadcasters ranging from local PEG facilities to worldwide broadcast networks are using the HVS-390HS. Wilbraham Public Access, which serves the local Wilbraham, MA area, recently purchased the For-A switcher for use in its television facility. New York’s ABC News is also an HVS-390HS customer, utilizing the switcher for mobile news production for the national network.

Phoenix, Ariz.-based Road Dog Show Pros is another new HVS-390HS switcher customer. The company currently has the switcher packaged in a flight pack, where it was first used during a November production in Nashville.

“We purchased the HVS-390HS because of the extensive amount of features it offers at a reasonable price point,” said Andrew Stavro, Road Dog Show Pro’s technical director. “A few things that stood out to me are the customizable labels for each source button, the two multi-viewers and its Web interface.”

The switcher is also part of the video production setup at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.