Eyeheight unveils LE-2M-K legalizer with real-time loudness correction

Eyeheight has introduced the LE-2M-K legalizer with real-time loudness correction to ensure full conformity with industry-standard video and audio signal levels.

The LE-2M-K auto-detects incoming SDI or HD-SDI video at 1080i/50/59.94, 720p/50/59.84, 625/50 or 525/59.94 and applies the appropriate legalizing format. It then ensures that the incoming video signal is held within user-selected color-space parameters: RGB; YUV; composite (PAL or NTSC); or RGB and composite combined.

Legalization can be performed to conform with EBU-R 2003 standard SDI settings and 7.5 IRE or 0 IRE pedestal. Six user memories and common presets are provided.

Additional features of the legalizer include Eyeheight's unique clobberRing automatic luma overshoot and undershoot suppression, together with luma and chroma gain, black-level adjustment, hue rotation, adjustable clipping levels and soft-clipping-knee levels.

The Eyeheight LE-2M-K also provides automatic real-time control of perceptual loudness and true-peak level using ITU-R BS.1770 multi-channel loudness and true-peak estimation algorithms.