Exterity launches scalable HD encoders for IPTV

IPTV transmission specialist Exterity has launched two HD encoders that scale video in a wide range of formats, from 1080p to SQCIF, enabling content distributors to deliver video to satellite offices, remote workers over the Web or to handheld devices. The new AvediaStream e3535 and e3555 encoders from Exterity, based in Edinburgh, UK, support both TV and native PC output resolutions and can integrate IPTV channels with digital signage. When available bandwidth is low, these encoders can take an HD stream and downscale the source into a suitable size for transmission over the Internet or for small viewing devices, like a smart phone. Equally, the encoders can scale content up to higher resolution, enabling operators to standardize content at a specific resolution or transmit in a specified format.

As part of Exterity's integrated, end-to-end IPTV solutions, the new e3535 encoder includes HDMI and RGBHV connectors, with the e3555 supporting 3G-SDI via BNC inputs. They have been built to integrate with a wide variety of devices and form part of the established AvediaStream range of headend equipment.