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Eric Small Named to FCC Advisory Committee

Eric Small, founder and chief technology of Modulation Sciences, has been selected to serve on the FCC’s newly established Video Programming and Emergency Access Advisory Committee (VPEAAC). The group’s focus will be on improvements in methodologies for accessing electronic media by disabled persons.

“The formation of this committee is a giant step forward for broadcasters,” said Small. “The industry is looking to improve service for those with disabilities, especially the blind or visually impaired. I believe the group assembled by the FCC will provide a solid roadmap to achieve that goal.”

VPEAAC’s work will formally begin on Jan. 13, 2011, with the assignment of committee members to four different working groups. These will address the Internet and closed captioning, pass-through of closed captioning and video description, making emergency information accessible for the blind and visually impaired, and standards and protocols for making information such as program guides more accessible on various user interfaces and navigation devices.